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-Added a lobby card and publicity piece for my most-sought-after Roach film, Don Key (Son Of Burro). [Steve Wright]
-Viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's The Big Squawk (1929).
-New film credits for Charles McMurphy (14), Eleanor Fredericks (6) and Dolores Brinkman (2).
-Added Iris Nicholson to the site.
-Received the new Charley Chase DVD and as a result I have now added the 4 missing title cards to their respective pages. In no way whatsoever is this a complaint because I fully appreciate the efforts made by Kit Parker in getting these films released but the first "fault" I discovered was the bad picture cropping on Leaping Love. I made a side-by-side comparison of the DVD version with the print I have from the Library Of Congress and I'm afraid the difference is quite noticeable.
-Wow! Thank you Cody for that donation. A personal video message has been recorded and sent to you.
-Thank you to Eric for his surprise (and very helpful) donation today. I got the notification on my phone just as I was at a cash machine getting some money out! Freaky!!
-Added Bert Woodruff and Elfie Fay to the site.
-Updated and improved the page for the All Stars menu. In addition, I have now also added the missing titles from that list to the site: Hoss And Hoss (1924, Arthur Stone); Hot Heels (1924, Arthur Stone); Never Too Old (1926, Claude Gillingwater); When Money Comes (1929, Edgar Kennedy).
-Huge page update for Dora Dean [Jesse Brisson]
-Added Lillian Lawrence to the site. Not completely convinced on her dates at the moment so leaving that section blank for now.
-First Roach film credit discovered for Bud Ross. [Jesse Brisson]
-Updated the page for Vivien Oakland with this this publicity image. [Steve Wright]
-Extended cast credits found for Charley Chase's Love's Detour (1924). Some publicty material and low-resolution stills added to the page.
-New film credits discovered for William Gillespie (192), Helen Gilmore (110), Lyle Tayo (85) and Eddie Baker (82).
-Added Augustine Pape and Charles Wood to the site.
-An actress I had previously identified as "Jean Baker" is in fact Jean Barr. I have now corrected this information.
-New film found for Elmo Billings (11).
-Added Mildred Booth to the site. [Jesse Brisson]
-New film credit found for Betty Caldwell (3) [Steve Wright]
-Thanks to Brian Barr for another helpful monthly donation.
-Added Dorothy Adams to the site. [Brent Seguine]
-Page updates for Maretta Light and Mary Ann Such. [Drina Mohacsi]
-New film credit found for Ed Brandenburg (42).
-New film credits found for Julia Griffith (5) and James Dime (4). [Craig Calman]
-New film credits found for Ham Kinsey (62), Harry Bowen (49) and Don Maines (7).
-Added the first Bavarian-born actor to appear in a Hal Roach film, Gustav von Seyffertitz, to the site. This may give you a clue as to which film is next on my list to review (thanks to a conversation I had with Dave Wyatt a couple of days ago!)
-Viewed and reviewed the Musical Comedy Roamin' Vandals (1934).
-New film credits added for Larry Steers (6), Sam Harris (2) and Lillian Miles (2).
-Page updates for Peggy Ahern and her sister Lassie Lou Ahern to include the Hollywood Party film credit.
-Added Doris Whitney to the site.
-Added the missing cast members from Charley Chase's 1937 MGM short Hollywood Party: Joe Morrison, Leon Errol, Al Lyons, The Jones Boys, Marcus Show Girls, Joe E. Brown, Freddie Bartholomew, Betty Jane Rhodes and Jack Goode.
-Updated the page for Leon Janney.
-Found a new film for Harry Bernard (99).
-Thank you again to Steve Wright for another incredibly generous donation.
-Added Lillian Miles to the site.
-Major bio overhaul for Ham Kinsey, courtesy of Jesse Brisson. Now when I say 'major' I do bloody well mean MAJOR! I actually had to time myself reading the whole thing and it came in at 9 minutes 43 seconds!
-New film credit added for Cy Slocum (17). [Jesse Brisson]
-New film credit added for R.S. 'Tiny' Ward (16). [Craig Calman]
-A huge thank you to Miss Jackie for her incredibly generous donation and birthday gift. All donations are currently being saved in my PayPal for my mountains trip with my daughter next week.
-Jordan Young has sent me three beautiful stills from the Charley Chase film Chasing Husbands which I have now added to the film's page.
-Added Helen Fairweather to the site.
-New films credits added for Harry Bernard (98) and Betty Caldwell (2) - who now has a head image too.
-Added Dorothy Seay to the site [Robert Demoss].
-Updated and adjusted the page for Rae Ethelyn.

-Kit Parker Films will be releasing the 4th DVD in their Charley Chase At Hal Roach series later in the year. See here for Amazon link. Titles include: The Big Squawk, Leaping Love, Snappy Sneezer, Crazy Feet, Stepping Out and Great Gobs.

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