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Welcome to ANOTHER NICE MESS. This website aims to cover review of films made by the Hal Roach Studios between 1914-1948;
as well as the individual films featuring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and the post-Roach Our Gang short films.

This is not a fan-made, kiss-ass website.
Reviews and opinions herein are my own and occasionally contain very negative remarks which some people may find offensive.

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MAY 17
-Added a new still for Charley Chase's All For Nothing. In doing so, it reveals a new film credit for Tiny Sandford (58). [Peter Mikkelsen]
-New film credit found for Olin Francis (4). [Jesse]
MAY 15
-New film credit found for Perry Murdock (2).
MAY 12
-Upgraded the two lobby cards for Mandarin Mix-Up.
-Added 4 lobby cards and a glass slide for Will Rogers' god-awful Going To Congress. [Finkielman]
-Added the two screenshots for Dick Curtis. [Jesse]
MAY 10
-Bio update (including image) for William B. Williams. [Jarvis]
-New film credits added for Martin Wolfkeil (30) and Sheila Hayward (3). [Jesse]
-Updated the page for Elmer Raguse with his full list of Roach credits as a sound engineer as well as his WWII draft cards.
-Added stills for Scared Stiff, No Man's Law and The Valley Of Hell. [Jesse]
-Some minor page tweaks for Alfred Goulding [Jesse], and Cordell Hickman [Jarvis/Brisson/Demoss].
-New film credits added for Harry Bernard (101), Venice Lloyd (7), Renee Whitney (2). [Jesse]
-Bio re-write as well as Roach directing credits and new films listed for Alfred Goulding. *Subsequent to this update, these additional credits are now considered (by me) to be unsafe and will require further study.
-Bio update for Dick Nelson. [Jesse]
-New films added for Gus Kerner (4), Amo Ingraham (3). [Jesse]
-Completed the page for Patsy Kelly, which now has a screenshot of her from all 33 Roach films she appeared in, plus her autograph. Wish all the pages could look like this!
-New film credits found and added for Sam Lufkin (105), Jack O'Brien (72), Hope Harper (35), Clyde Hopkins (8), Ouida Wildman (3). [Jesse]
-Bio update for child actor Tim Davis. [Jarvis]
-Photo added for child actor Tom Braunger. [Jarvis]
-Better (and more relevant) photo added for child actress Dan Ellen Mabry. [Jarvis]
-Photo and bio update added for child actress Rhoda Williams. [Jarvis]
-Bio, screenshot and dates now added for child actor Harmon Tutt. [Jesse]
-A lot of housekeeping stuff today such as spelling errors, broken links, missing screenshots, that sort of thing. Amongst all of it, one film removed and one film ADDED for Charlie Hall. (So his total stays on 184).
-New film credits discovered for Sam Lufkin (104), Chet Brandenburg (102), Jack Ackroyd (40), Don Maines (11), Joe Bordeaux (10). [Jesse]

-The STILL TO DO list.
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Acknowledgement is herby given to all those whose work came before me in making their findings available.
Specifically Rob Stone, Randy Skretvedt, Richard W. Bann, Robert Demoss.
Other useful and significant works by Brian Anthony, Leonard Maltin, Norbert Aping and many others are also credited herein.
Special thanks to Gene Sorkin and Max Lanzisera for their essential help in getting this website off the ground.
When works previously published are used to compile the data on this site I have given credit where known.
I do not credit the website IMDb as a source as they have stolen and published my work without any credit or care.

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