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~DLH, February 2021.


MAY 04:
-Robert Winslow has done some research on two of Roach's more prolific stars: Max Davidson and Edgar Dearing. Both pages updated.
-Jim Jarvis has submitted his research on Tex Parker.
APR 30:
-New film found for F.F. Guenste (6).
APR 28:
-Added Jeanne Morgan to the site, though I wonder if this is an error (see page for details).
APR 27:
-Added Kathleen Chambers and Sidney Franklin to the site.
-New film credits for Chris Lynton (62) and Jack Ackroyd (31). Jesse identified them both in Charley Chase's Don't Forget.
-New film credits for Edgar Sherrod (6) and Robert McKenzie (9) - both identified by Jesse in The Taxi Boys' Bring 'Em Back A Wife.
APR 26:
-Another Nice Mess - this website - is 10 years old today.
-Viewed and reviewed Glenn Tryon's Hold My Baby! (1925), which was released 96 years ago today.
-Added Floyd Shackelford to the site [thanks Jesse].
APR 24:
-More backlog work, from Jesse Brisson: Updated the pages for Ena Gregory (missing screenshot), Charles Dorety (missing screenshots), Pete Gordon (fixed broken links), Mae Laurel (fixed spelling errors), Fallen Arches (fixed spelling errors), Sealskins (fixed spelling errors), Collars And Cuffs (fixed spelling errors), Let's Do Things (fixed spelling errors), Joe Ploski (added 2 credits), William Gillespie (new credit for He Forgot To Remember, which now puts him on 189 films), Bob Kortman (new credit for The Bouncer, which now puts him on 14 films), Beth Darlington (new credit for April Fool, which now puts her on 21 films), Dorothy Coburn (new credit for Should Men Walk Home - making it her first Roach film, which now also puts her on 21 films), Curtis McHenry's link from the A-Z page is now working.
APR 23:
-Thanks to Brian Barr for his 40th consecutive monthly donation.
APR 21:
-Working through submissions for the site. Page updates for Stan Laurel (broken link), Tiembla Y Titubea (missing screenshot), Ruby Blaine (new film credit), Dixie Gay (spelling correction in surname), Dannie Mac Grant (spelling correction with name), Thelma Todd (new screenshots added and all broken links fixed). [thanks to Jesse]
APR 18:
-Bob Peterson has identified Harry Harvey Jr. in two Our Gang films. I do have a pretty big backlog of mails from Bob regarding Our Gang IDs to sift through which I shall get to eventually. 27 mails, in fact!
APR 17:
-The third and final installment in the Charley Chase At Hal Roach Talkies (1934-1936) DVD has been announced for a release date of August. See here.
-More helpful donations from several people coming in (some have asked not to be credited). All money raised is being put towards my WALK TO WALES fund in July. Thank you Jim, Bob, Chris, Eric, Rob, Arn, Bill and others.
APR 16:
-Elmo Billings makes his debut in the Top 266 with a new film credit discovered.
-Added Tex Parker and Don Bailey to the site.
-Big thanks to Jim Jarvis for his 20th donation to the site, who specifically offers $20.21 towards my "Walk To Wales" fund. This helps enormously, thank you.
APR 15:
-I have now removed the general forum for the site as I regard it as redundant, unnecessary and rarely used (it was also getting a lot of spam). If you want to submit suggestions, corrections or information to be included on this website then please continue to use the the corrections forum.
-New film credits found for F.F. Guenste, Ed Brandenburg, Alice Belcher, Sam Lufkin and Pete Gordon. [with help from Jesse Brisson] As a result of some of these, I have updated the relevant credits on the The Top Credits page.
APR 14:
-Added a page for Max Davidson's Blow By Blow (1928), and 7 stills for the film.
-Added Georgia O'Dell and J. Parks Jones to the site.
-Added new film credits for Kay Deslys, Charles Dorety, Monte Collins, Jack Herrick and Jim Farley. [thanks to Steve Rydzewski and Jesse Brisson]
APR 12:
-Peter Mikkelsen has sent in some lovely hi-resolution images and upgrades for The Rogue Song. You may have to press CTRL/F5 on the page (a hard refresh) to see the changes?
-Thanks to Dave Pickard who has sent his 24th donation to the site. All goes to my "Walk To Wales" fund in July. Really helpful!
-Steve Rydzewski has submitted several new additions to the site, which I am scrambling to get up. First up is Bert Apling.
-Added a page for Max Davidson's film Tell It To The Judge and included a lobby card.
-Updated the page for Bert Sprotte.
-Updated the page for Hazel Howell.
APR 11:
-An important discovery from LampyMeier2007, who has identified Gustav Schaffrath as the baby in Sailors, Beware!. This was previously believed to be Harry Earles.
-Steve Rydzewski has identified Jack Adams in Sugar Daddies and The Battle Of The Century; as well as Harry Todd in Luke Joins The Navy. Also, Owen Evans and Jack Lloyd (as the landlady) in The Lucky Dog.
APR 02:
-Thanks to Ian Taylor for his fourth donation to the site.

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