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-Jim Jarvis has submitted some extraordinary research on Merta Sterling which I have now published on her page.
-Thanks to Steve Wright for another helpful donation.
-Thanks to some very detailed and in-depth e-mails I received from Drina Mohacsi, she has correctly identified Patsy Irish as opposed to Shirley Jean Doble as the tap dancer in the MGM Our Gang short Waldo's Last Stand. All relevant pages on the site have been updated to reflect this information.
-Film historian Richard W. Bann has helped me to identify three more actors from Bigger And Better: namely, Eleanor Fredericks (now 4 Roach credits), Jerry McGowan (3), and a confirmation of a suspicion I had regarding Gordon Douglas (24).
-I have several e-mails from Jim Jarvis, Drina Mohacsi and forum posts from Jesse Brission to get on top of, so will start sorting through those soon. I'm still recovering from (a) the horror of sitting through that awful Stan Laurel solo film, and (b) the bizarre comments made by Mr. Jarvis regarding the film "Sure-Mike".
-I finally found a way to survive the watching of a Stan Laurel solo film without losing the will to live. Watch it at 3x speed whilst mentally making notes of the crap on screen, stop briefly to get cast screenshots and then afterwards washing my eyes out with soap. Viewed and reviewed Smithy (1924). Spotted Sam Lufkin in it, so that bumps his credits up to 89.
-Added 10 stills for Bigger And Better [Richard Finegan].
-Added Virginia Roye to the site, along with Martha Sleeper's screenshot from Wise Guys Prefer Brunettes.
-New film credits found for Wallace Howe (127) and Merta Sterling (4). [Tommie and Jesse]
-Viewed and reviewed the second film in The Boy Friends' series: Bigger And Better (1930), and in doing so discovered new credits for the beloved Jack Hill (107) and I THINK Baldwin Cooke (89).
-Added a lobby card [Jorge Finkielman] and 16 beautiful stills [Richard Finegan] for the recently-reviewed Doctor's Orders (1930).
-New HITCHCOCK episode review done, and what a great one this was too! The episode, Listen, Listen.....! (1958) is now up on the site, along with a few others. This website will become a dual project in the next few months so I am kinda working on both Hitch AND Roach at different times now.
-New film credits added for Evelyn Burns (28), Charles Millsfield and Curtis McHenry (2).
-Added Martin Turner to the site.
-Another helpful donation from Brian Barr, thank you.
-Viewed and reviewed (or rather, I completed) the first film in The Boy Friends' series: Doctor's Orders (1930).
-Updated the cast list and improved 9 of the cast screenshots from Our Gang's Barnum & Ringling, Inc. using the restored print of the film from ClassicFlix, which will be released shortly on Blu-Ray. A few actors from the improved cast list now have new credits which I shall add to their individual pages shortly. [thanks to Lorenzo Tremarelli, Jesse Brisson and Robert Demoss]
-A second donation from Steve in 24 hours.
-Not one, but TWO donations today! Thanks to Steve Wright and to Irv Hyatt for their respective generosities.

-In case you haven't already seen it, Kit Parker Films will be releasing the 4th DVD in their Charley Chase At Hal Roach series later in the year. See here for Amazon link. Titles include: The Big Squawk, Leaping Love, Snappy Sneezer, Crazy Feet, Stepping Out and Great Gobs.

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