Welcome to ANOTHER NICE MESS. This website aims to cover review of films made by the Hal Roach Studios between 1914-1948;
as well as the individual films featuring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and the Our Gang short films made for MGM.

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JUL 25:
-New bio and info (including dates) added for Marion Bardell, thanks to some great work from Jesse.
JUL 23:
-Thanks to Brian Barr for his continued support for the site with his 43rd consecutive monthly donation today.
-New film credit for Billy Fay (75).
JUL 22:
-Added Fred Karno Jr. and Henry Rowland to the site.
-New film (serial) credit added for Colin Kenny (3).
JUL 20:
-Bio update for Dorothy Hughes, thanks to Jim Jarvis.
JUL 19:
-New film credit for Fred Jefferson (13).
JUL 18:
-New film credits for Joe Devlin (4) after his great grandson wrote in to correct me. Thanks Greg.
-Viewed and reviewed Harold Lloyd's Count Your Change (1919).
-New film credit for Dorothea Wolbert (67).
-Added Vivian Gane and N. McDaniels to the site.
JUL 17:
-Added James Dime and Helen Dickson to the site.
JUL 16:
-New film credit for Maurice Cass (2).
-New film credit for Ray Cooke (4).
-Added the five members of The Charioteers to the site: Howard B. Daniel, Ira Williams, William B. Williams, Edward Jackson and Jimmy Sherman.
JUL 15:
-Added Ralph Brooks to the site (which also puts him in the Top 269.)
-Added Sven Hugo Borg to the site.
-Thanks to Eric Schultz for his 36th donation to the site. In 11 days time I will begin my 270 miles walk to Wales. This money, along with all of the other kind donations will help massively.
JUL 14:
-Added Sam Godfrey, Eleanor Kingston, George Kirby, Ludwig Lowry, Elizabeth Rhodes, Dorothy Stockmar, Carol Wines, Gwen Zetter, Feodor Kolin and Bobbie Koshay to the site.
-New film credits for William Gould (2), Frank LaRue (2), and Tom Ricketts (2).
JUL 13:
-New film credit for Stanley Blystone (8).
-New film credit for Theodore Lorch (3).
-New film credit for Arthur Millett (5).
-Added Lowden Adams, Beaudine Anderson, Ed Armand, Consuelo Baker, Max Barwyn, Vangie Beilby, Herman Bing, Allen Connor, Dulce Day, Frank Fanning and Arthur Hoyt to the site.
JUL 11:
-Congratulations to ITALY. In honor of their wonderful country, I have paid tribute to their actors who appear on this site with this new page.
-Added new page for Glenn Tryon's Flaming Flappers (1925) - with posters and lobby cards.
-Added Sally Long and Yvonne Howell to the site.
-New film credit for Olive Borden (11).
-New film credit for Janet Gaynor (3).
JUL 10:
-Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's Dog Days (1925). And before anybody writes in to give me shit for my choice of favourite scene... I see things, okay?!
-Added Dorothy Hughes to the site.
JUL 09:
-Added a few missing foreign-language Laurel & Hardy film pages to the site: Feu Mon Oncle, RadiomanŪa and PÍle-MÍle. -New film credit for Jean DeBriac (9).
JUL 08:
-Re-watched and upgraded my review and page for Laurel and Hardy's wonderful Should Married Men Go Home? (1928). Now with added lobby cards, stills, intertitle cards and more trivia and much more compact plot summary. I must admit I do like this one.
JUL 07:
-Big thanks to Jim Jarvis for his 21st donation to the site. All donations received at the moment are being put towards my WALK TO WALES mission on July 26th.
JUL 06:
-Revamped and updated the Laurel & Hardy menu by listing the films in chronologhical order (just for the purists) and in doing so have created a new page for the Laurel & Hardy films posters.
JUL 03:
-Thanks to Steve Wright for his 17th donation to the site.
JUL 02:
-Added Eddie Laughton to the site.

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