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MAY 25
-Added the eight remaining screenshots for Darla Hood's Roach films on her page.
-Thanks to Eric Schultz for yet another very kind and helpful donation.
MAY 24
-Added Eagle Eye and Mary Eagle Eye - both of whom are listed in the Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia.
-Added seven more Harold Lloyd-actors: Cecille Marquette, Edna LaBadie, Mollie McGowan, Camille Lennihan, Norm Waldrop, Yvonne Reichman and Joy Gordan.
-Added some missing cast list members to some Harold Lloyd films. It's all exciting work you know!
MAY 23
-Added Rose Gold to the site.
-New film credit found for Dorothy Terry (7).
-ANM's Jim Jarvis has been researching and completely re-writing the bio page for Margaret Mann. Amazing work!
-Thank you to Brian Barr for his 50th consecutive monthly donation.
MAY 21
-Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's Fly My Kite (1931).
-Added Perry Glass to the site.
-Another very helpful and generous donation from Jim, for my daughter's education. The kindness of some people astounds me sometimes. Thank you so much.
MAY 20
-Spent over an hour fixing up and repairing the page for Our Gang star Allen Hoskins. All films now have correct, working links.
-New film credits discovered for Chris Lynton (65) and Hughie Mack (18). [thanks Steve Massa & Jesse Brisson]
MAY 19
-5 years ago I reviewed less than 3 minutes of a Snub Pollard film called You're Pinched (1920) because I only had a fragment of it. But today I realised I actually have the entire film on my hard drive and didn't know it! The copy of the film is in awful shape but I did the best I could with it. So, I have now re-written the review with the complete plot summary; identified previously unlisted actors in the film and added all the intertitle cards. I even abandoned an Our Gang film I was almost done with in order to do this!
-New film credits added for Marie Mosquini (209), Bob O'Conor (81) and Eddie Boland (50).
MAY 17
-Picked another film at random to review today: Snub Pollard's The Corner Pocket (1921) and once again it proved to be a rewarding exercise:
-New film credits discovered for William Gillespie (191), Jack O'Brien (63) and Leo Willis (58).
-One film credit removed for Noah Young (176). It's shocking just to see how many false credits the IMDb have wrong for Noah! But I guess that's what happens when that stupid site allows stupid people to submit their stupid guesses.
-Added Mary Marsey and J. Purley to the site as I continue to add missing titles and tidying up pages.
MAY 16
-Complete bio re-write for Estelle Harrison, courtesy of Jesse. Whilst I was at it I went and added the missing links for all her films on the page too.
-Bio write-up for William Brady, courtesy Jim Jarvis.
MAY 15
-Film credits found for Marvin Loback (24) and Al Forbes (14).

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Other useful and significant works by Brian Anthony, Leonard Maltin, Norbert Aping and many others are also credited herein.
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