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COMING SHORTLY - updates for Dee Lampton, Dorothea Wolbert, Gaylord Lloyd, Earl Mohan, Margaret Joslin, William Blaisdell, Ernest Morrison Sr and Mildred Forbes.

SEP 26:
-Jesse has sent more corrections:
+Gus Leonard has 9 more credits which now places him with 102 films and launches him up the Top 271 list.
+Bob O'Conor loses 1 credit and has one other now listed as unconfirmed.
+Fred C. Newmeyer has 11 more credits which now places him with 83 films.
SEP 25:
-Created a new page to showcase the top 5 actors from each of the 51 countries represented on the website according to most appearances in a Roach film: See here. This page will be accessible from the Extras Menu.
-Jesse has sent more corrections:
+Wallace Howe has 2 more credits which moves him up to number 14 in the Top 271 list.
+Bud Jamison has 2 more credits added and also now 7 disputed.
+Helen Gilmore has 5 new credits (including Laurel & Hardy's Any Old Port! [Jesse Brisson & Craig Calman observations]) but also one film now disputed.
-Updated the page for Al Ochs with image, autograph, news article and cause of death.
SEP 24:
-ANM's top researcher Jesse Brisson has submitted a list with information regarding several actors whose pages have now been corrected accordingly; mostly minor tweaks:
+Marie Mosquini has all links fixed, 2 films now listed as unconfirmed and first 9 credits now listed correctly as Lonesome Luke films instead of Harold Lloyd series.
+William Gillespie loses 1 credit, gains 1 credit.
+Noah Young gains 4 credits, some films now re-arranged in correct chronological order - and he is elevated up two spots to number 5 in the Top 271 page.
+Charles Stevenson gains 3 credits, with 3 credits now challenged as unconfirmed; bumping him up to number 11 in the Top 271 list.
SEP 23:
-Big thanks to Brian Barr for yet another kind donation.
-Reviewed the Todd/Kelly film Done In Oil (1934).
SEP 22:
-Re-reviewed and tidied up the page for Laurel and Hardy's The Fixer Uppers (1935). Looking at James C. Morton's cap, it reads "Yellow Taxi" - so is he a cop or a taxi driver? I can't work that out?
SEP 21:
-New film credit for Lew Davis (9).
-Re-reviewed and tidied up the page for Laurel and Hardy's Thicker Than Water (1935).
-My friend Peter Mikkelsen has kindly sent two stills for Charley Chase's All For Nothing (1928).
SEP 20:
-Updated the bio page (with dates) for Helen Dale courtesy of Jesse Brisson's detailed research.
SEP 19:
-Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's Glove Taps (1937).
-Additional information added to Madge Kirby's page. (birth date and location) [Jim Jarvis]
SEP 15:
-Re-viewed and re-reviewed Laurel and Hardy's Any Old Port! (1932). Now much tidier and more informative. I also spotted Charles Lloyd in the front row of the audience at the boxing match, so that boosts his Roach film credits up to 60 now.
-Two more deaths acknowledged relating to Our Gang actors, thanks to Marshall Kaplan's research: Eugene Lowe and Hugh Binyon.
-Thanks to Eric Schultz and Scott Margolin for their generous birthday donations yesterday. That really helped a lot.
SEP 13:
-Bio update for recently inducted Pauline High thanks to Jim Jarvis.
-And today I ended up covering one of the most crappiest films ever made: Snub Pollard (no surprise there then) in Big Game (1921). You see, when I watch stuff like THAT you know why I spend much less time doing this work nowadays!
SEP 12:
-Today I thought I would tackle the most random Hal Roach film I could think of so I viewed and reviewed Irvin S. Cobb's Speaking Of Relations (1934) and I am so glad that I did. I discovered several actors in the film that I had not credited on the page or their respective pages; namely Kathryn Clare Ward (now 2 Roach credits), Benny Baker (6), Frank Darien (3), Frank Brownlee (11) and Fred Snowflake Toones (3). I also had May Beatty as 'Mrs. Cobb' which was wrong, so I have removed that credit from the page and her own bio page, bringing her back down to 2 Roach credits. All in a day's work.
SEP 11:
-Updated the page for Our Gang actor Ned Norman who sadly passed away last week at the age of 91. [thanks to Don Garding for the info]
SEP 10:
-New film credit for Roy Brooks (31).
-New film credit for Ivadell Carter (8).
-Updated bio information for Eddie Morgan [thanks Jim Jarvis].
SEP 09:
-Viewed and reviewed Stan Laurel's Kill Or Cure (1923).
-New film credit found for Jack Ackroyd (32).
-New film credit found for Jack O'Brien (61).
-New film credit found for Chris Lynton (64).
-New film credit found for Owen Evans (10) (which now places him in this chart).
-Added Helen Foster to the site [thanks Jesse Brisson].
SEP 08:
-Viewed and reviewed The Boy Friends' The Knockout (1932).
-New film credit found for Dick Gilbert (73).
-New film credit found for Marvin Hatley (20).
-Added Eddie Morgan, Léon Bary and Pat Hartigan to the site.
-Added all 8 lobby cards for The King Of Wild Horses (1924).
-Lobby cards and stills added for Why Is A Plumber? (1929).
SEP 07:
-Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's Fish Hooky (1933). Before today the page was totally blank, so that is progress!
-Thanks to Steve Wright for his 19th donation to the site.
SEP 05:
-Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's Shivering Spooks (1926).
-Film #60 found for Jack O'Brien.
SEP 04:
-Completely redesigned, re-edited and improved the page for Laurel and Hardy's Tit For Tat (1935) now with an added rare one-sheet poster, courtesy of Rick Greene.

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