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THE "TO DO" list.

-Sammy Brooks edges a step closer in dethroning Snub in the "most Roach credits" chart with TWO new discoveries today (one from me, one from Jesse), bringing him within just 3 credits of taking top spot in The Top 287 list.
-Thanks to JJ for his bizarre donation!
-New film credits found for Dick Gilbert (82) and Louis Beavers (4).
-Thanks to Steve Wright for another donation. Well timed, as always!
-Added Lillian Hackett to the site.
-We have a MASSIVE new addition coming to the site very soon. A previously unidentified actor with nearly 40 Roach films credits! I have a lot of work to do to get this one up, and it appears I already have at least 12 screenshots of this guy already. Let me say again, Jesse Brisson is one of the best things to have ever happened to this website. 100% commitment to this site, asks for nothing in return and continues to dedicate his free time to research stuff I just don't have time to do. Jesse's importance to ANM cannot be overstated.
-Additional bio and details now added for May Beatty [Jim Jarvis]
-New film credits discovered for William Gillespie (196), Bob O'Conor (85), Pete Gordon (19), Grace Woods (18), Leo White (9), Charles Millsfield (8). [all Jesse]
-1 film credit removed for Marvin Hatley (19).
-FOUR new film credits (albeit 1 is for deleted scenes) found for Eleanor Fredericks (10), which launches her into the Top 286. [good work, Jesse!] A few years ago I was propositioned with the offer of writing a book about these films. I am so glad I turned the offer down now. You would have to be crazy to even attempt such a futile project when so many new discoveries are being made every week! (No offence, Randy!)
-New film credits found for Evelyn Burns (33), Betty Danko (23), Aileen Carlyle (4), Loretta Russell (3) and Pauline High (2). [all Jesse]
-Page update for Our Gang's Crazy House, with positive ID's on Kathleen Chambers and Clarence Morehouse [Jesse]. I have also separated all the interior and locations shots into individual images (they were previously bulked together as one large image).
-Added Pearl Merrill to the site.
-Definitely not sitting on my arse today... spent hours of work on the site adding all the correct information for all the films in the On This Day section, including completely adding the details for Little Mother from scratch. This page alone took over 2 hours to do. I then went and found all the screenshots of the actors and added them as well.
-New film credits added for Ham Kinsey (73), Evelyn Burns (32), Charles Millsfield (7), Clarke Robinson (5), Edith Fortier (4), and Madge Hunt (3).
MAY 31
-New actor ID's for Hog Wild - namely: Jack Hill (114), Russell Custer (37), Cy Slocum (32) and Joy Winthrop (7). [all Jesse]
-Bio update and photo added for Fern Carter. [Jim Jarvis]
-The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that for yesterday's "On This Day" section I had the wrong date of May 29. However, all of the birthdays and film releases that were shown were indeed correct for May 30.
MAY 30
-New film credits found for Clarke Robinson (4).
MAY 29
-Bio re-write for Grace Woods. [Jesse]
MAY 28
-New film credits found for some actors in First In War (1932); namely - Bob O'Conor (84), Ham Kinsey (72), Cy Slocum (31) and Howard Truesdale (5); and with 1 film credit now removed for Eddie Parker (2). [all Jesse] In addition, I have also added a call sheet image and a risque image to the film page.
-Added Marjorie Townsend to the site and filled in the missing cast screenshots for Our Gang's The Awful Tooth.
MAY 27
-New film credits found for John Warburton (2), Edwin Brian (2) and Billy Bevan (2).
-Added Lawrence Grossmith to the site.
MAY 26
-Bio write-up and formal identification made for Viola Porter. [Jesse]
MAY 25
-Big thanks to Cody Regennitter for his very helpful donation.

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